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BW Fusion

The Future of Crop Nutrition

There's a reason why farmers across the country trust BW Fusion with their crops. We help growers eliminate the guesswork!

BW Fusion's crop nutrition programs are fact-based, powered by Agronomy 365. Our goal is to maximize your farm's profitability and efficiency by unlocking the natural ability of your plants and the soil. Stop guessing - start with BW Fusion.

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Maximize your crop potential at every stage.

BW Fusion is 100% focused on nutrients, biology, and fertility. No fancy sales gimmicks or giveaways – just products that continue to perform acre after acre.

We know what drives a farmer’s decisions. Our products have to work, and more importantly, they have to contribute to the bottom line. We utilize Agronomy 365 to justify every single product that goes out our door. In-season soil and tissue sampling, along with comprehensive data, gives us full-picture views of how our products are contributing to both soil and plant nutrient levels. Nothing is left to guesswork here.