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Chemical Inductor System

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Chemical Inductor System

Simple, clean, accurate, and affordable chemical transfer for your spraying needs. Venturi system draws chemical through the metered manifold direct from totes or dry flowables and jugs out of the cone, directly into the sprayer. Contact us for shipping rates and delivery times.

Product Details

  • Chemical Inductor System
  • Available in 2" (IND30-2) or 3" (IND30-3) plumbing options
  • 30 gallon inductor tank with agitation and rinse
  • Dura-Meter 100% moisture-sealed circuitry with backlit display
  • Meter Accuracy: +/- .5%
  • Flow Rate: 2 to 22 GPM (7.5 to 83 LPM)
  • Metered manifold with 4 chemical
    tote suction valves and rinse valve
  • Back check valve protection
  • Jug rinse nozzle
  • Includes 50 feet of hose  
  • Includes four 2" couplers to attach to totes
  • Clean water garden hose connection
  • Complete turn key system
  • Just load your sprayer and go!

We ship anywhere in the U.S. via Cross Country Freight. Contact us for shipping rates and delivery times. Most orders ship within 1 week.

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What our Customers are Saying

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I love it because:
1. I don’t have to touch the chemicals.
2. I don’t need a pump for my chemical totes.
3. It’s a breeze to clean up.

Troy B.
South Dakota
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We were really impressed with the Chemical Inductor. We weren’t spilling chemical anymore. It's one easy to use machine that’s accurate.

Will D.
South Dakota
5 star rating icon

Very clean, very accurate and very affordable compared to other options on the market. I like how it’s simple to use and understand. I give it a 5 star rating!

Roland S.
5 star rating icon

Easy, simple and accurate! That sums it up!

Larry R.

Chemical Inductor System Features

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Made in the USA

The Pro Ag Chemical Inductor is proudly made and assembled at our shop in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

durameter monitor

Dura-Meter™ Ag Chemical Meter

Made of impact resistant Lexan™ faceplate, so it holds up to the toughest treatment. It can also can withstand impacts common in the agricultural market and beyond.  Made with 100% moisture-sealed circuitry, the meter is impervious to water intrusion. The Dura-Meter™ uses an industry leading menu driven backlit display, so it is the easiest of all chemical meters on the market to use in all light conditions.  Also, it is plumbed both for in-line and 90 degree applications, adding to its versatility.

Chemical inductor tank

30 Gallon Tank

The 30 gallon inductor tank with agitation allows for even mixture of chemicals. Built-in rinse makes for easy cleanup when the job is done.

pro ag chemical inductor system detail

2" and 3" Plumbing Options

With 2" and 3" plumbing options, you can easily use the Chemical Inductor with your current equipment.