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Copperhead Ag Products

Founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg in 2008, Copperhead Agricultural Products was born from the idea of solving common farming challenges with new approaches. Our patented Furrow Cruiser and Drill Cruiser planter closing wheels provide farmers with greater control, greater success, and greater yields.

Copperhead Agricultural Products is committed to providing American farmers with:

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Furrow Cruiser

Copperhead AG's Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheels have solved the sidewall compaction problem that came with the development of the double-disk opening system on all modern planters. The Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheels combine a wide wheel with spiked teeth to provide simultaneous firming and crumbling on both sides of the seed trench. This innovative design is also optimized to clean out well, ensuring that the planter can continue to run even in oversaturated soil.

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Concave System

The Copperhead Concave System is a multifaceted, high performance combine concave. Anyone who has worked with Copperhead team can attest to our product support and knowledge. The Copperhead Concave System has four unique features that work together to improve overall performance of your John Deere or Case IH rotor combine:

All of these work together to create an incredible high-performance multi-crop system.

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RK Products Is Now Part Of Copperhead AG

Copperhead began collaborating with RK Products in 2015. Both companies have always adhered to the same uncompromising quality standards. Founded more than 20 years ago by Phil Kester, RK Products are as committed as we are to helping farmers get the best out of their planters. Available products include: