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Fast DuraPlacer

DuraPlacer Liquid

Whether making initial strips, or freshening fall-made strips, experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency with DuraPlacer Liquid. This innovative solution combines the power of Yetter Strip Freshener CC's with unmatched nutrient application capacity.

Available as both a 60' or 40' toolbar on 30" rows, and a 1800 or 2400 gallon tank with application speeds of 7-10 mph.

Whether you need excellent seedbed preparation to warm soils and enhance planter ride, or the creation of new strips on no-till ground, DuraPlacer Liquid delivers.

What Features Are Available in DuraPlacer Liquid?

Introducing the game-changing DuraPlacer Liquid, a solution for efficient nutrient application and strip creation and/or strip freshening. This revolutionary equipment can be used in Spring or Fall operations, maximizing productivity by boosting toolbar width, tank size, and application speeds.

  • Can be used to make new strips in the Spring or Fall or freshen Fall-made strips while combining efficient nutrient application
  • Capable of application speeds of 7-10 mph with minimum 325 hp tractor
  • Available as either a 60′ or 40′ toolbar – 24 row or 16 row on 30″ spacing
  • Available with either a 2400 or 1800 tank
  • Narrow transport width of 15’3″
  • Four independent flex hinges across the toolbar and adjustable hydraulic down pressure at each flex point
  • Retractable tongue reduces length in the field
  • Raven RCM or Deere Greenstar rate controllers offered as factory installed options – compatible with mapping, section control, variable rate
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