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Grain Boss

The GRAIN BOSS Grain Bag Unloader

The GRAIN BOSS ™ grain bag unloader will handle all of your grain bagging extracting requirements with the following features:


  • Steerable wheels keep the GRAIN BOSS™grain bag extractor aligned with the grain bag at all times


  • Patented high output auger
  • 16" auger moves 300 bushels per minute
  • 13" auger moves 200 bushels per minute


  • The combination of the narrow roller and pull thru roller design, along with the direct drive wheels allows for easy maneuverability through bags that have tears, holes, and bends. The Grain Boss grain bag unloaders can do all this even in snow and mud without having to unhook and hookup to the bag again.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment on the go deals with uneven ground
  • 360 pivot auger allows for unloading on either side of bag
  • No moving of truck or trailer to even out load
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  • The GRAIN BOSS™ grain bag unloader will work in 9’ – 12’ diameter bags.
  • Tridekon extractors are unique in their capablity of unloading a pile of grain in a field or shed.


  • The pull through roller design allows for continuous operation eliminating down time to deal with the empty bag
  • Because of the Grain Boss’s efficiency and its capacity you will not want to be slowed down or have trucks waiting while you deal with the empty bag.
  • This design also pulls bags away from snow banks saving time by not having to clear snow away from the sides of the bags.


  • Quick and easy to hook up bag
  • Deal with the empty bag only ONCE after the work is done.
  • Quick and easy to fold into transport (under 1 minute)
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