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Chembine Chemical MixerChembine Chemical MixerChembine Chemical MixerChembine Chemical MixerChembine Chemical Mixer

Chembine Chemical Mixer

This new product by Free Form Plastics, with several Patent Pending designs, is a cutting-edge way of mixing and blending chemicals for your agricultural needs. The CHEMBINE incorporates all the features of a typical chemical mixer plus adds some user-friendly features while dramatically improving in the following areas:

  1. New and innovative knife block design provides a more efficiently shaped cut requiring less effort, faster & more complete drainage/rinsing as well as easier removal of the jugs
  2. Increased agitation with the use of 4 vertically molded ribs in the tank combined with our unique vortex cycling water jet eductor system
  3. Easy rinse and drain process with the bottom drain valve, all interior surfaces sloped to the drain and a rotary rinse system with 1” lines
  4. Improved ergonomics with the commonly used valves raised and a molded stop for the hinged lid to rest on
  5. Improved stability with the stand incorporated into the poly tank and the addition of large feet with mounting holes
  6. Improved visibility with all hoses having clear sidewalls

The CHEMBINE custom molded poly mixer tank has a capacity of 75 US gallons (62.5 Imperial) and offers a faster jug drain time, superior knife cutting block for more complete drainage, quicker rinse times and the latest agitation engineering to offer superior mixing for both wet and dry chemicals. This Free Form Plastics poly mixer tank is custom designed with a 10 degree cone bottom angle for complete drainage plus vastly improves performance when using dry chemicals (this feature also offers a lower, more stable profile, allowing a lower fill height). A micro-valve, complete with nipple, is installed at the lowest point in the tank to allow for easy and complete drainage of the unit.


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Chembine Chemical Mixer
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