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Chemical Inductor SystemChemical Inductor SystemChemical Inductor SystemChemical Inductor SystemChemical Inductor System

Chemical Inductor System

Spend less time filling and more time spraying. Quickly and accurately measure and transfer chemical to your sprayer. A cleaner option with minimal handling of product required. 3" or 2" plumbing design. Offers the fastest fill rates on the market today.

  • Chemical Inductor System (2" or 3" plumbing)
  • 30 gallon Inductor Tank with Agitation
  • Metered Manifold with 3 Chemical Tote Suction Valves
  • Clean Water Rinse Valve with back check protection
  • Complete turn key system
  • Just load your sprayer and go!

Also available with 15 gallon tank (PAWG-1500)


Pro Ag Supply
PAWG-1500, PAWG-1502
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