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Low Mu Tech

The new, cleaner, and safer

Seed flow lubricant

This patented product is your first-choice seed lubricant. DUST (Soy Protein) planter lubricant has been studied by Kansas State University. The study shows that it compares very well to other seed lubricants in terms of meter performance along with added benefits for:

  • Ease of cleanup
  • Reduction of dustiness
  • Insecticide-free and carcinogen-free
  • Reduces health risks of the farmer and environment
  • Proven to reduce static
  • DUST is a direct replacement for Graphite or Talc.

In another study it has been shown to be up to 20 TIMES less abrasive to seed than Talc. The United Soybean Board has supported this product made from 100% American Soybeans with the support of farmers Soy Check-Off Dollars. This product increases demand and use for soybeans.

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