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Pivot Bio

Turn To A Better Nitrogen

There's a better, more efficient and productive way to apply nitrogen to crops. Pivot Bio microbes supply nitrogen at the plants' roots without the waste associated with synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. Have more confidence your crops are getting the nitrogen they need. Nitrogen is at a turning point.

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Pivot Bio products undergo rigorous large on-farm testing to ensure performance on any operation. Verified in multiple soil types, weather conditions and locations, Pivot Bio products are meticulously analyzed to ensure nitrogen is delivered directly to crops, resulting in more plant biomass and greater peace-of-mind for farmers.



Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the corn plant. These microbes take nitrogen from the air and create the ammonia that plants need to grow and thrive, supplying it to the plant throughout the most critical growth stages. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 On-Seed and In-Furrow products adhere directly to the root of the corn plant and do not run off during weather events, providing farmers with a more predictable, reliable and consistent method for delivering plant nutrition.