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Smucker Manufacturing

The Problem

Right now the Agricultural Industry, is facing a major problem. With the rise of resistant weeds in GMO and conventional crops, weed wiping is a great drift free solution, that directly attacks taller growing weeds without damaging your crop.  

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The Solution: Sponge Weed Wipers

When it comes to weed wiping, Smucker Sponge Weed Wipers are far superior to other weed wipers in the industry. The key to weed wiping is getting enough material on the weeds. Our pump fed sponges hold and put more material on the undesired weeds. Best of all, our weed wipers are affordable and we have plenty of mounting options.

  • Eliminate Resistant Weeds
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 38 Years Of Quality Craftsmanship
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