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Growers are continually faced with unique growing challenges — extreme temperatures, drought conditions, infertility, salty or sandy soils and more. Stoller experts view these conditions as opportunities for continued innovation and the advancement of Stoller technology. It’s this mentality that has allowed us to become the leading provider of yield-enhancing solutions for both localized and global crop production challenges.

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Bio-Forge® provides plant nutrition to promote strong plant growth and vigorous production. Derived from urea and potassium hydroxide. Bio-Forge® is tankmix compatible with a wide variety of products and can be applied to the seed, foliage, soil or through the irrigation system, aiding in reducing the effects of abiotic stress. Use Bio-Forge® anytime during the season to offset stress.

What it does

  • Bio-Forge® aids in staying ahead of abiotic crop stress
  • Bio-Forge® aids root growth for efficient nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen
  • Bio-Forge® has significantly improved plant nutrition in a variety of crop

What That means

  • Protects plants from damage in response to abiotic stress:
    Drought, Injury from inefficient management, Nutrient deficiencies and Extreme temperatures
  • Optimize yield potential, recovering plants to realize their true yield potential
  • Improved yield potential for maximum return on investment


  • Apply Bio-Forge® to soil, foliage or through the irrigation at 8-16 oz/acre per application to reduce the effects of abiotic stress
  • See the label for more information about specific crops, rates, and timing

Also available in Bio-Forge Advanced and Bio-Forge ST

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