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Top Air

Suit Your Spraying Needs to a "T"

Top Air Sprayers

Not all sprayers are created equal. Take the Premier line of Top Air ® T-Tank sprayers by Unverferth equipped with more standard features than any other pull-type sprayer on the market. They can help you spray more acres, in less time and with less operator fatigue. Combine these features along with long-lasting quality, and you’ll see why Top Air T-Tank sprayers truly are ”beyond compare.”

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Premier T-Tank Sprayers

The Premier line of Top Air T-Tank field sprayers are equipped with more standard features than any other pull-type sprayer on the market.  The custom molded, T-shaped tank is available in 2400, 1600 and 1200 gallon capacities and features a containment sump for holding the last 30 – 50 gallons of liquid on side-hills and inclines.  Boom widths are available from 80’ up to 132’ for covering maximum acres in minimal time and feature shock absorbers and hydraulic cushioning for smooth, level performance.  FLO-BAK® ball valves automatically return any remaining liquid in the plumbing at the time of shutoff back to the tank rather than wasting it out of the boom, saving chemical and money.  Other standard features, such as the independent rubber-cushioned axle suspension (optional on 1200), stainless steel boom plumbing and hardware, electric tank agitation, outer wing spring-loaded breakaway, and ISO rate control are just a few of the details that put the Premier sprayer ahead of the pack.  Choose from single wheels and tires, dual wheels and tires or the industry-leading Equalizer track depending on model, to meet individual preferences.  Combine these features with long lasting quality and you’ll see why the Top Air lineup of Premier T-Tank pull-type field sprayers truly are beyond comparison.

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300 Gallon 3-Point Sprayers

Top Air® 300-gallon 3-point sprayers provide exceptional maneuverability and unmatched performance for any size operation.

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600 Gallon 3-Point Sprayer

Only the Top Air 600-GALLON ® 600-gallon 3-point sprayer combines the advantages of big-boom performance with exceptional maneuverability for greater operator convenience and precision placement.

  • 600-gallon capacity solution tank and a 50-gallon rinse tank.
  • Hydraulic-driven centrifugal pump and electric agitation control.
  • Hydraulic bi-fold, self-leveling booms in 80’ three section or 90’ three- or six-section boom shutoffs.
  • Outer wing breakaway quickly returns to spraying position should it come into contact with an obstruction.
  • Compact design and fold for narrow transport width and height, along with standard parking stands for easy storage.
  • Standard Raven 4400 controller for complete and easy rate control.
  • Nozzle spacing available in 15” or 20” to meet the needs of different operations.
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